Keeping a List

I recently went on about how there’s a thousand planets and how there does not seem to be a website that offers a comprehensive list of known extrasolar planets. I have taken the liberty to back-up the claim of a thousand planets by compiling my notes together into a rough, dirty HTML table. You can access it through the Planet List link in the upper-right of the page. I will be working on and improving this as time goes on, as well as adding new extrasolar planets as they come out. I intend to provide discovery paper references for these planets when I have time.

And for completeness, I will also post a link to it right here:
Planet List

There are still a few things I have to work on. For example, I don’t currently have error margins listed, which in some cases are essential for knowing why an object is in the list. For example, an object of mass 30±20 MJ would be a planet candidate because it’s mass is consistent with being a planet, even if only within 1 σ. Also of note is that multi-planet systems are assigned a greyish row background colour.

Another thing of note is that I have yet to acquire discovery references for all of the planets. I will continue to add them as I find them.


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