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Keeping a List

I recently went on about how there’s a thousand planets and how there does not seem to be a website that offers a comprehensive list of known extrasolar planets. I have taken the liberty to back-up the claim of a thousand planets by compiling my notes together into a rough, dirty HTML table. You can access it through the Planet List link in the upper-right of the page. I will be working on and improving this as time goes on, as well as adding new extrasolar planets as they come out. I intend to provide discovery paper references for these planets when I have time.

And for completeness, I will also post a link to it right here:
Planet List

There are still a few things I have to work on. For example, I don’t currently have error margins listed, which in some cases are essential for knowing why an object is in the list. For example, an object of mass 30±20 MJ would be a planet candidate because it’s mass is consistent with being a planet, even if only within 1 σ. Also of note is that multi-planet systems are assigned a greyish row background colour.

Another thing of note is that I have yet to acquire discovery references for all of the planets. I will continue to add them as I find them.


The Internet’s n-th Blog; where n > 156,000,000

Yep, my blog is the one in the 3rd column from the left, 5th from the front.

Yep, my blog is the one in the 3rd column from the left, 5th from the front.

I will be posting my thoughts on extrasolar planet detection, characterisation and exploration on this blog. Some of it will be inspired by papers I’ve read on arXiv, while others will be a bit random. Still others will focus on specific extrasolar planet discoveries. While I will try to relay information in as simple a way as I can see, the nature of the topic is scientific, and therefore it will assume at least a high school education for the target audience. Math and graphs will be no stranger to this blog.